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How The Ecommerce Expert Can Help You  

   Expert Ecommerce Consulting

   Conversion Rate Optimization

   Search Engine Marketing

   Website Design & Redesign

   Website Conversion Optimization

   Payment gateway integration

   Ecommerce strategy

   How it works :

How it works :

The ecommerce experts we work with are able to develop your business an online strategy that ties in with what the user sees and what sits behind it. Therefore determining how you will attract new customers, sell products to them and keep them coming back for more. This may start with a multichannel strategy based on insight and research. Who are your customers? What’s the space you’re operating in? What factor would make the difference between a purchase and an abandoned cart? This insight becomes the backbone of a business model, where digital marketing opportunities and product roadmaps are incorporated at every step of the way.

Some of the pillars of ecommerce optimisation that our experts can offer include :

  •    Analysing cost per acquisition for each individual sale
  •    Reviewing traffic sources
  •    Using tools to analyse SEO effectiveness and areas for improvement
  •    Employing social proof and other ‘trust-building’ tactics
  •    Integrating tools such as remarketing and PPC to capture lost sales
  •    For support on finding the right ecommerce marketers for your site,
  •    Grab a free consultation with us.

   Benefits of Digital Payments

  •    Creative thinking :

  •    Optimisation :

  •    Understanding what makes a customer leave at any point in the customer journey

  •    Every ecommerce opportunity begins with being able to read the data that gives you clues to your audience.

  •    designs that resonate, provide inspiration and make the customer want to do business.

  •    Design that feels intuitive but creates moments of surprise and delight

   India ahead of UK, China, Japan in digital payments, says report

India’s IMPS was the only system across the world performing at level 5 in Faster Payments Innovation Index ranks, according to a FIS report titled ‘Flavors of Fast’


You have unlimited access to online technical support. You also have access to a knowledge base that you can access directly from your administration space. This knowledge base has answers to 80% of the questions our customers ask most often

Our online software is installed on our servers. You have access to this software as a registered member and can use it from any PC that is connected to the internet. Automatic access to new functionalities or updates on existing functionalities with nothing to install because you are working on our servers. Guaranteed solution scalability no matter what operating system you use (Windows, Mac, Linux,).Hosting is included.Easy to set up and start out because there is nothing to install.

You can include as many products as necessary. There is no physical limit to your catalogue. Some of our sites contain more than ten thousand products. Intact Info Soft plans charge dependent on how many products you include in your catalogue.

Of course, you can limit each payment type (credit card, cheques, etc.) by country and by amount. To put it more clearly, you can say that above a certain order amount, you want to wait until you cash the customer cheque before shipping their order or that you don't want to accept credit cards from certain countries.